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Museum of Aviation

Museum of AviationA unique Museum of Aviation is being constructed at the airport near the town of Věkoše. Here visitors will learn more about the history of aviation in the Czech lands. The exhibition includes unique replicas of aircrafts from the beginnings of aviation such as Wright Flyer III and Blériot 11. In the exposition of aircrafts from the First and Second World War, the replicas of English, French and German military aircrafts can be seen. Exhibits from the Czechoslovak army are found in authentic underground shelters called “beehives”, where visitors can find out how pilots must have felt in the cockpits of Migs.

In Hradec Králové, so as in the famous museum of J. B. Salis in Paris, on fixed dates you can see chosen exhibits in flight. If the weather is good, you can also see the performance of so-called Flying Circus. After seventy years the Czech Aviation Society Albatros Air, s.r.o. from Hradec Králové realised the comeback of this tradition to European airports and introduced the replicas of aircrafts in improvised acted scenes.

Opening hours : Saturday, Sunday: 10 am - 5 pm
Address : Military Airport in Věkoše, building 126
Contact : Albatros AIR s.r.o., Martin Kindernay, Military airport, building 126, 503 41 Hradec Králové, phone: +420 777 733 098,
Regular events
When Title and description
June European Veteran Airshow - the international aviation day takes place at the last weekend in June bringing lively examples from the history of aviation, aerobatic flights and a truly spectacular show.

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