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Nový Bydžov

Nový Bydžov

The town of Nový Bydžov, originally a royal town first referred to in 1305, was established on a regular geometric ground plan along the Cidlina River, to the southeast of Starý Bydžov. This regular pattern of construction is a unique example of medieval urban planning.

In 1325, Bydžov ceased to be a royal town and became a town governed by the aristocracy because of king John of Luxembourg’s debts. After the town was bought out in 1569, it was given as a dowry to the Bohemian queen similarly as Hradec Králové. In the 18th century, Nový Bydžov became the county seat of the Bydžov region. During the 1840s, the tradition of unusual student celebrations (so-called merendas) emerged. These celebrations, in which even well-known poets and writers took part, were organised as a farewell to the town at the end of the holiday. For a long time, the student celebrations were a very popular event in the town and it was for these celebrations that Nový Bydžov became known around the country.

The dominant landmark of Bydžov square is the neogothic town hall from 1862 - 1865, the present seat of the municipal office. Gothic St. Lawrence’s Church from early 14th century is another of Bydžov’s valued sights. It ranks among the few town churches untouched by purist reconstructions. Out of the Franciscan monastery, located to the southeast of the square, only a vault corbel, which is walled in the passage of the new town hall, remained preserved. From the 16th century, there was a large Jewish neighbourhood in the area of the monastery. The only part of this neighbourhood preserved is a newer Synagogue (presently the chapel of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren). On the square, there is a Marian plague column from 1716. The other valuable sights include the neorenaissance District House from 1899 and Art Nouveau Savings Bank with a Museum (1905 - 1907). Both the buildings were constructed according to the project of Prague’s architect J. Vejrych. In the southern part of the town, opposite the Sokol Hall, there is a well-preserved Jewish cemetery.
Regular events
When Title and description
May Welcoming the Spring -
July Nový Bydžov Square - race of veteran cars and motorbikes.
July Students’ Celebration - “Merenda” -
August Bydžov Fair - traditional St. Lawrence fair.
September “Fišer’s Bydžov” - brass band festival.
December St. Nicholas on the Marketplace -

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