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Hradec Králové | Chlumec nad Cidlinou | Nový Bydžov | Hrádek | Battlefield 1866 | Smiřice | Třebechovice


Spend your stay actively and learn more about this charming resort Hradecko. The prices are variable for groups, we can provide individual proposals. Email us your request at

I. Trip to the history
Hrádek u Nechanic – Všestary
  • The romantic castle Hrádek u Nechanic from 19th century is called “Malá Hluboká”. There is also a golf course within the grounds of an English-style park.
  • In Všestary, you can visit the Centre of Experimental Archaeology, a model construction of a prehistoric settlement.
Price : 570,- CZK; 11 EURO; 14 USD

II. From Probošt Nativity scene to castles
Třebechovice - Častolovice
  • The museum of Nativity scenes in Třebechovice with a collection of more than 200 Nativity scenes from various materials. The most famous one is called the Probošt Nativity scene, which is unique due to its size (7x3x2m), it has more than 2,000 carved pieces and is driven by a unique mechanism.
  • A local originally medieval water fort was rebuilt as a renaissance castle in the 16th and 17th century, and the famous Šternberk dynasty chose this castle as their residence. There is a beautiful park with a mini-zoo in its grounds.
Price : 250,- CZK; 9 EURO;12 USD

III. Baroque of the eastern bohemia
Kuks - Smiřice
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity towers above the former spa and hospital Kuks. On the terrace, you can find the cycle of Vices (Neřesti) and Virtues (Ctnosti) - baroque sculptures by M. Braun. Permanent exposition of the pharmaceutical museum.
  • In Smiřice, there is the fascinating and unique baroque Chapel of „Epiphany“, the national cultural monument with the altarpiece Adoration of the Magi by Petr Brandl.
Price : 250,- CZK; 9 EURO; 12 USD

IV. Bike trip with beer tasting at a private brewery
Hradec forests, the private brewery in Běleč
  • It is possible to get to Běleč very easily on bicycle across the beautiful Hradec forests - a private brewery brews excellent beer there. Beer tasting is free.
Price : 150,- CZK; 5,50 EURO;7 USD

V. a) Relaxation afternoon
A combination of Javanese massages – sightseeing in the town centre of HK
  • An approx. one-hour sightseeing tour in the town centre along a walking trail passing through the urban conservation area in Hradec Králové – a so-called textbook of architecture from Gothic to Modern styles.
  • Relax afternoon with Javanese royal relaxation massages – body regeneration.
Price : 1800,- CZK; 65 EURO; 84 USD

V. b) boat cruise
Hradec Králové
  • You can see both the dominant features of Hradec Králové the romantic quiet corners of the river Elbe from on board unique paddle-steamers. The cruise takes approx. 2 hours.
Price : 150,- CZK; 4 EURO; 5 USD

V. c) Sports
Golf Academy Nová Amerika (group of min. 15 persons)
  • Squash
  • Aquacentrum
Price : 500,- CZK;18 EURO;24 USD

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